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Wedding photography

Being asked to be a couple’s Wedding Photographer is a real honor. You are being invited to be a key part of one of the most important days of their lives. NirZ aim is to take photographs that tell a story of the wedding day.  With a mixture of candid, photojournalist style photos along with more traditional images, the full story of a couple’s day will be captured and recorded forever.

Post-wedding photography

Post wedding photographs will be a beautiful bouquet of memories in your wedding album. The intimacy between couples expressed better after the big event. Cherishing this memorable time is essentials in your life. With NirZ photography, you can make your special moments candid forever.

Maternity photography

When I photograph expectant couples, I like to ask how they met. It is fun to watch—and photograph—as they reminisce. Pregnancy is a time to reflect on the journey that led you to become a family in the first place. And whether this is your first child or your fifth, honoring the foundation on which your family has been built is an important, and wonderful, thing to do. NirZ photography want to capture that picture where pregnancy is been celebrated and freezing those special moment

Baby photography

To ensure that you will remember and experience these moments forever, be sure to invest in baby photography so that you can capture these rare precious moments. An experienced and skilled NirZ photography, can capture the image and emotions of your baby. Babies grow up so fast, and before you know it, that baby is a teenager and then off to college. For this reason, it is important to capture the cherished memories of your baby’s childhood. NirZ photography offers outstanding baby photography that is the talk of the town.

Family photography

With today’s hectic pace of life, how often do you get an opportunity to take a quality photograph of your family? Too often time passes without those memories being captured. NirZ Photography focuses on freezing those moments in time in the form of professional, quality photographs. Whether the photograph is of your newly born child, your busy toddler, your teenagers, your parents, you, or all the family together, NirZ Photography will take the photographs at your house or at a location of your choice. These are photographs that will live on with the family forever.

Newborn Photography

Capturing those precious memories of a newborn baby’s first days or weeks in a newborn photography session is so rewarding. Between five to twelve days of age is the best time to photograph sweet, curled up, sleeping babies before they become more alert. My aim is provide a calm, relaxing and soothing session for both the parents and baby which leads to such heart-warming images.

Portrait photography

The subjects of  Portrait photography or portraiture are often non-professional models. This means that ordinary people such as fathers, mothers, their kids, businessmen and even the local man on the street can be subjects in portraitures. With self-portraiture, you have the luxury of being able to work at your own pace, in a safe environment. You are exploring self-portraiture for you, and only you, which gives you the freedom to experiment with lighting, posing, post-processing and so much more, without the pressures of needing to please a client. NirZ photography understand each and every expression of client’s desire and try to make portrait photography a memorable moment.

Contact me today at NirZ Photography on 01912 19 19 11, via email at nirzphotography@gmail.com or via the contact form. I am happy to help you with you any wedding photography, birthday Photography, product photography, maternity photography, newborn photography, family photography or portrait photography enquiries you may have.

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