NirZ Photography will help capture the most special moment of your life

NirZ Photography will help capture the most special moment of your life

Wedding Photography

Well, everything we have learned since childhood gets relived at the Bangladeshi Wedding Photography ceremony. On the main day, we will make sure you have the most reliable crafted wedding photography services in Dhaka Bangladesh. In short, journalists type photographs to put in your photo album and cherish for life. We also make sure to capture your event with a cinematographer to watch some moments you might have missed at your beautiful wedding in Dhaka.

In Bangladesh, our culture is diversely rooted in every aspect of life. Starting from food to culture and we can go on and on. Now, we all know that marriage in Bangladesh is not just the bonding of two people, but actually an extension of relations.

Just relax and keep calm

NirZ Photography is here to help reduce some stress from your shoulders and help you to capture the special moment and cherish it for life. We want you to enjoy the moment, and let us capture the wedding photography at glance.

We can cover the entire wedding event in Dhaka or anywhere in Bangladesh. Pre – Wedding photography session to Post – Wedding Photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We all want to sit back one day and look at memories of the past and show our children and grandchildren how beautiful weddings are nowadays. In the future, only Allah knows what new trends and technologies will be present and everything will be very different. The only thing that will remain is memories, and let us be apart and capture these special moments for you. We only live once!

At NirZ photography, we have a really flexible and fantastic team. The core photographers are a team of husband and wife which makes private/confidential photography more comfortable for you. So we have enough flexibility to cover certain events like Haldi/Mehendi night, bridal shower or even hijabi bride photography. We also cover other categories like maternity photography in Dhaka Bangladesh, newborn photography in Dhaka Bangladesh, and even family and portrait photography in Dhaka Bangladesh. Feel free to contact us on 01912 19 19 11 or email us at with all enquiries.